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Civil Liberties Archives and Study Center Japanese American National Museum; Debbie Henderson
1) Cataloging over 4400 artifacts and scanning images into the collection's management database; 2) actively solicit products of the CLPEF grant program
CSUS Japanese American Archival Collection Project Library of Special Collections and University Archives, California State University at Sacramento; Georgiana White
Cataloging documents, photos, artifacts, original artwork, oral histories, audio and videotapes and books into archival database to provide access to students, scholars and the community.
Redress Preservation Project Visual Communications, NCRR So. CA, John Esaki/Richard Katsuda Restored and preserved 25 hour set of videotape recordings of the 1981 hearings of the CWRIC in VHS format. Viewer's Companion includes index of testimonies, time-code reference, summaries of 156 testimonies, JA history, glossary, map of camps.
Cataloging: Japanese American Exclusion and Detention Experiences Japanese American National Library, National JACL; Karl K. Matsushita
Cataloged 7,300 documents into database and developed a "Finders Guide" to JA internment materials held by other libraries and institutions.
Toyo Miyatake Manzanar Photographic Archive Project Archie Miyatake and Curatorial Assistance, Inc.
Each print of 1250 pictures photographed by Toyo Miyatake during his Manzanar internment was scanned and converted into digital images and stored in a data base. CD-ROM has been submitted in Mac format.
DENSHO: The Japanese American Legacy Project Japanese American Chamber of Commerce of Washington State; Thomas Ikeda
1) Built a collection of 70 visual histories; 2) gathered new survey data on JA community; 3) digitally reproduced over 1000 photos/documents; 4) developed a multi-media computer interface to retrieve this info. CD-ROM submitted.
Heart Mountain Digital Preservation Project Northwest College; Kay Carlson 1) Digitally archived select photos/documents on Heart Mountain; 2) created computer workstation exclusively for research on Heart Mtn. at library; 3) created CD ROM and web site; 4) lecture series and display of documents/photos; 5) brochure on holdings.
Imprisoned Apart: The World War II Correspondence of an Issei Couple University of Washington Press, Naomi Pascal Published Louis Fiset's book "Imprisoned Apart: The WWII Correspondence of an Issei Couple". Approximately 1,200 copies sold.
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