Curriculum Contact Accomplishments
Law School Curriculum Project Professors Margaret Chon, Carol Izumi, Jerry Kang, Frank Wu and Eric Yamamoto Set of teaching materials (possible text for law professors to use in a varety of courses. Discrete lessons which include study questions & documents for legal scholars a single source to teach: legal, historical and social science aspects of internment.
National Initiative to Secure the Education of Internment (NISEI) JACL, Herb Yamanishi
Conducted 10 teacher training workshops to 210 teachers in 9 states: Albuquerque, NM (2); Phoenix, AZ; Salt Lake City, UT; Denver, CO; NY, NY; Omaha, NE; Council Bluffs, Iowa; and Minneapolis, MN
Project RICE Asian American Network of Indiana; Nancy Wada-McKee
1) 6-week study circle on racism using the incarceration experience as focus; 2) mini-grant awards and training for teachers interested in teaching the incarceration or who were eager to learn; 3) film/video presentations on incarceration.
The Redress Preservation and Curriculum Development Project Visual Communications, SoCA Chapter of NCRR; John Esaki and Richard Katsuda
Completion of script for 30 minute video dramatizing story of a Chicano high school student from East LA who voluntarily chooses to accompany his Nisei friends when incarcerated and becomes active in redress movement 40 years later.
Ancestry is Not a Crime: The Internment of People of Japanese Descent During World War II Lilian Yamasaki
CD-ROM adaptation and expansion of written teachers' curriculum published by HI Dept of Education. CD is an interactive and interdisciplinary format geared for students 10 years old and above.
Lessons from Japanese American Internment: Understanding Discrimination through Personal Stories and Cross Cultural Comparisons City College of San Francisco; Randy Senzaki and Nancy Wolfe
Staff development training of college faculty and panel presentations on the incarceration experience targeted to cross-cultural audiences including African Americans, Latinos and non-English speaking Chinese and Vietnamese. Video included.
Educational Outreach Program Asian American Curriculum Project; Florence Hongo
234 Main Street
P.O. Box 1587
San Mateo, CA 94401-0892
(650) 343-9408
(650) 343-5711 (fax)
1) Created website; 2) displayed materials at four conferences in Albuquerque, NM; Long Beach, CA; San Antonio, TX; and Honolulu, HI; 3) upgraded catalog of educational materials available through AACP.
Arkansas Middle School Research Project on JA Detention Camps Center for Arkansas Studies, University of Arkansas, C. Fred Williams, Director 1) Developed a history curriculum unit for eighth graders; 2) pilot tested the curriculum in six 8th grade history classes; 3) will present curriculum at Joint Conference on Teaching in Oct., 1998.
Project Team-Teach and Educate Americans for the Next Millennium Phyllis Murakawa
Produce film of Wakako Yamauchi's play "12-1-A". Project includes video, CD-ROM, curriculum guide and training of teachers. Two of six scenes completed.
Edison Uno Institute San Francisco State University; Jim Okutsu
National collegiate Day of Remembrance and 3 forums on various subjects related to the incarceration. Public apology and honorary alumni certificates issued to students dismissed due to EO 9066 at SFSU graduation (25,000 attendees).
Our World: Class of '44 Diane Yotsuya Honda Completed a re-publication of Manzanar High School yearbook. Includes reflections from Nisei student editors, history of incarceration and resources of educators. Presentation to Journalism Education Association and distribution via JA vernaculars.
Bringing Breaking the Silence to National Communities Local Access for the Arts and Education; Nikki Nojima Louis
1) Brought oral history play to various audiences including performances in NV, ID, OR, CT, MA, WA, MN and NH; National Council for Social Studies Conference; 2) created slide/lecture presentation; 3) created curriculum guide for teachers.
Shorai Project Seattle JACL, Seattle University and WA Education Association, Sharon Sobie
1) Day of Remembrance ceremony at Puyallup Fairgrounds; 2) two day teacher training conference on the incarceration; 3) held 4 traveling workshop in all 9 ESD's.
Teaching About Internment of Japanese Americans NCRR-Bay Area Chapter; Lucy Hamai
Teacher training workshops on the incarceration offered for the first time in Stockton and Fresno County. Additional Bay Area workshop scheduled in near future. Includes follow-up evaluation with teachers.
Civil Liberties Legal Education Project Nihonmachi Legal Outreach and National Coalition for Redress and Reparations; Dean Ito Taylor
1) Conducted civil liberties symposium into law school curriculum for law students, faculty and attorneys; 2) created on-line legal reference web page providing legal education and research.
Heart Mountain, Wyoming CD-ROM and Web Site Project Antonette C. Noble
CD-ROM on the Heart Mountain camp examines the events from immigration, detention, resettlement, and redress. CD-ROM distributed free of charge to all Wyoming high schools, colleges and libraries.
Japanese Americans and World War II: Lessons Past, Present, and Future Oregon State University; Patricia Sakurai
Education workshop at Oregon State University to teach the lessons of the incarceration to teachers and community leaders (60) for integration into the curriculum.
Reclaiming Voices School District of Philadelphia, Philadelphia JACL, Asian Americans United, Office of Curriculum Support; Deborah Wei
1) Documented through oral histories the JA experience in Philadelphia who were incarcerated; 2) drafted lessons on incarceration for district curriculum; 3) one day teacher training conference for 120 teachers.
Nanka Nikkei Voices: Resettlement Years 1945-1955 Japanese American Historical Society of Southern California; Brian Niiya, Iku Kiriyama
Completed a compilation and publication of stories of post WWII resettlement.
Educating the Post-1980 Overseas Chinese Immigrant Americans Joe Chung Fong
Wrote an article on educating post-1980 overseas Chinese immigrants in San Gabriel Valley about their experience and the incarceration through lectures and written articles for submission to journals.
How Could This Have Happened in a Democracy? Manhattan Country School; Michele Sola and Lynne Iijima Developed a model curriculum to be replicated locally and nationally. Includes video and teachers manual comparing three injustices: segregation of African Americans, the Holocaust, and the incarceration.
Japanese American Experiences: Lessons in American History JACL Washington, DC Chapter; Susan Higashi Rumberg
Compiled 20 resource kits donated to the Virginia and Maryland school systems to provide Social Studies teachers the tools to teach the lessons of the incarceration. Project included evaluation component from teachers.
The Japanese American Experience Tacoma Community College Foundation; Dr. Ron Magden, Dr. Gael Tower
1) Created a college-level history course on the JA experience; 2) DOR ceremony with theme: Can Internment Happen Again?; 3) The News Tribune in Tacoma printed series on internment from 2/15 to 6/15.
The Empress in the Attic--A Children's book & CD ROM Wendy Hanamura and Rev. Michael Yoshii
Completed draft of children's book based on the true story of 6 year-old girl-from rejection to recognition, anger to self-acceptance--as she was imprisoned during WWII. Geared for 5th to 10th graders. Also plans to make as video.
Japanese American Internment Curriculum (JAIC) Project Elementary School Teachers: Deanne Myers, Enid Yamamoto, Lori Murakami
Student produced presentation (using computers and video) given by the students themselves, on how they learned the lessons of the incarceration. Presentation given to teacher workshops at SFSU. Website and video completed.
The Japanese American Internment: Learning Through the Art of Roger Shimomura Bellevue Art Museum; Beverley Silver Wrote two lesson plans for teacher use and student study on paintings from Roger Shimomoura. Teacher guide will be prepared with CD-ROM as part of Northwest Artists educational program when additional funds obtained.
APEN "Story Cloth" Project Asian Pacific Environmental Network Foundation; Miya Yoshitani
Created storycloth based on autobiographical story of refugees and Laotian girls growing up in US. Former JA internees visit girls and their families as part of ongoing exchange of oral histories between JA and Laotian community in W. Contra Costa County.
San Mateo JACL History Project San Mateo JACL Chapter; Yasuko Ann Ito
Book to be written on history of JAs in San Mateo. Draft of one chapter completed; three chapters in progress.
Internment and Redress: A Pan American Perspective Pan American Nikkei Association USA East; Ken Moritsugu
Booklet on internment/redress experience for persons of Japanese ancestry in US, Latin America and Canada. Draft of text completed, printing scheduled for September 1998.
Day of Remembrance: Celebrating the Japanese American Experience in Marin Marin JACL Chapter; Carole Hayashino
1) Videotaped oral history interviews of 20 former internees from Marin; 2) DOR Ceremony in Marin County 3) historic photo exhibit at Marin County Civic Center Library; 4) teacher training co-sponsored with Marin County Office of Education.
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