Community Development Contact Accomplishments
Japanese Latin American Internment Community Education Project Japanese Peruvian Oral History Project; Grace Shimizu, Julie Small 1) 36 internee statements translated from Japanese to English; 2) 20 oral history interviews (summaries included-original audio/videotapes & transcripts; 3) 71 educational presentations in US, Japan, Peru; 4) created a website.
Executive Order 9066 (EO 9066): 50 Years Before & 50 Years After, a History of Japanese Americans in Seattle Wing Luke Asian Museum; Ron Chew
Revision and re-publication of companion book documenting the 100 year history of the JA in WA State. Project to re-issue 4,000 copies of book with expanded text and photos to be published in 8/98. Collaboration w/ University of WA Press.
REgenerations: Rebuilding Japanese American Families, Communities and Civil Rights in the Resettlement Era Japanese American National Museum, Japanese American Resource Center/Museum (JARC/M), Japanese American Historical Society of San Diego, Chicago Japanese American Historical Society; Darcie Iki
1) 40 videotaped oral history interviews (at LA, Chicago, San Diego, San Jose); 2) transcription of video interviews into printed format and duplication of videos; 3) deposit of video and print interviews; 4) oral history training seminar.
Nisei Post 8985 Veterans of Foreign Wars Nisei Post 8985 Veterans of Foreign Wars; Jim T. Tanaka, Kiyo Sato-Via Cruces
1) Training speakers to do presentations; 2) presentations to over 7,300 students and adults on incarceration/Constitution; 3) education kit with slides for presenters; 4) creation of 10 panel display to supplement presentations.
Arizona Humanities Council, Arizona Historical Society; Phoenix Public Library, Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Asian American Faculty & Staff Association of Arizona State University,
Transforming Barbed Wire Gila River Indian Community, Colorado River Indian Tribes, Casa Grande Public Library, Parker Public Library, Arizona JACL; Dan Schilling
Held a book-discussion series; film series; published booklet; telephone survey of 500 AZ; community art project; tour of Poston/Gila River; "A More Perfect Union" exhibit; Remembrance Conference; JA in AZ exhibit; play on Gila River; jazz concert series.
MIS Oral History Project Military Intelligence Services Association of Northern California, Marvin Uratsu 1) Conducted 38 oral history interviews on JAs serving on the MIS, 2) produced video summarizing interviews with intro. from Gen. Colin Powell (rough cut); 3) make available on NJAHS website.
Long Term Impacts of the Internment: A Working Consultation Sansei Legacy Project; Audrey Shoji
1) Hosted conference "Legacies of Camp: Long-Term Impact of the Concentration Camps on Sansei"; 2) outline of proposed book Legacies of Camp which will be anthology of writings addressing impact of incarceration on JAs.
Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Northern California, Little Tokyo Service Center of Los Angeles, Sansei Legacy Project, Center for Nikkei Studies,
Internment, Reparation, Renewal Japanese American Cultural and Community Center , Japanese Community Youth Council, Little Tokyo Service Center, National Asian American Telecommunications Association, National JACL; Paul Osaki and Jill Shiraki
1) Conducted Japanese American Community Assessment through a written questionnaire and focus groups from January to June 1998; 2) hosted national forum, Ties That Bind in Los Angeles; 3) developed proposal and strategy for on-going work together.
Alaska Japanese American Historical Project Sylvia Kobayashi
Conducted oral histories of Alaskans (part Eskimo and part Japanese) who were incarcerated. Recorded on videotape. Rough cut completed.
Towards A More Perfect Union: A Project of Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center Oregon Nikkei Endowment; June Arima Schumann
1) Oral History program including training and 5 interviews on video; 2) speakers bureau; 3) teacher training program; 4) donation of 54 titles for library; 5) creation of legacy center administrative office; 6) Nisei Baseball exhibit.
World War II: Japanese Americans on the East Coast NY Chapter JACL and Columbia University Oral History Office Conducted a national study on the effects on Nisei families from the collective stigma, forced removal, and incarceration during WWII based on survey/follow up interviews. Interviews, transcription of interviews, and coding of questionnaires in progress.
Tule Lake Committee's 20th Anniversary Pilgrimage Preparations Tule Lake Committee; Stephanie Miyashiro, John Ross
Updated and reprinted book Kinenhi a pictorial description and analysis of the Tule Lake Concentration Camp experience.
Asian Pacific Youth Leadership Conference Asian Pacific Youth Leadership Project; Betty Yee
1998 leadership conference built on the theme of the JA internment experience and redress to enable highschool participants to recognize contemporary discriminatory policies against Asians and Asian Americans. Project video included.
Executive Order 9066: Lessons of the Journey East University of Connecticut Asian American Studies Institute; Roger N. Buckley
Created a resource library on the incarceration of JAs during WWII. Offered new course "Japanese Americans and WWII", held DOR ceremony and assisted middle schools on National History Day.
Civil Liberties Education for the Minnesota Community Twin Cities JACL; Cheryl Hirata-Dulas, Cheryl Lund and Lynn Yamanaka
Sponsored series of programs and lectures including local and national speakers regarding the incarceration. With MN Public Library, events held in conjunction with Smithsonian traveling exhibit Whispered Silences: JA Detention Camps, 50 Years Later.
North Central Valley JACL/CSUS Oral History Project French Camp JACL, Florin JACL, Stockton JACL, Lodi JACL, Placer County JACL and California State University, Sacramento; Joanne Iritani
Conducted oral histories of selected individuals by the Stockton, French Camp, Placer, Lodi, and Florin Chapters of JACL. Volumes in bound publication available in the CSUS JA Oral History Collection and JACL chapters.
Thomas Tang National Moot Court Competition National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA) Law Foundation; Peter Suzuki
Sponsored national moot court competition on civil liberties issues consistent with the education goals of the CLPEF at 1997 NAPABA convention in San Francisco.
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